FamiliekamerKunstprijs 2017 (Family Room Art Prize 2017)

On 24 March 2017, the Familiekamer Advocaten & Mediators has awarded the prize FamiliekamerKunst for the 4th time.

Since 2013, the art prize has been awarded periodically by the law firm to up-and-coming talent in the art world. The idea was born from a personal interest in art and culture and with the idea that the cultural world can strengthen that of business and vice versa. The prize was supported for two consecutive years by the Cultuurfonds Leiden (Cultural Fund of Leiden), but in recent years it has stood on its “own two feet”. Just like in 2016, the prize was supported by a second company in Leiden with a large cultural heart: Interpulse Automatisering. In this way, both companies contribute in their own way to Leiden’s flourishing cultural life.


The nominees for the art prize 2017 were: Sebastiaan Schlicher, Rik Smits, Stephan van den Burg en Rens Krikhaar.


In 2017 the jury consisted of Sandrine van Noort (curator of the LUMC art collection), Nicole Roepers (curator of contemporary art of the Museum De Lakenhal Leiden) and Connie van Driel (head of the Subsidies, Documentation & Ateliers department at Stroom Den Haag). As every year, the curator was the well-known artist Maurice Braspenning from Leiden. The artist who wins the prize can count on a shiny challenge trophy, a fine sum of 1,500 EUR and an expert jury report. Previous years have shown that the artists were happier with this report than with the money prize.


The art prize was festively awarded on Friday 24 March 2017, at Steenschuur 14 in Leiden. The accompanying exhibition was open from that day on.


Rens Krikhaar was the winner of the FamiliekamerKunstprijs 2017!