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Our rates

We try to keep costs as low and transparent as possible, by working efficiently and adding hour specifications to the invoices. At the start of our cooperation, we will inform you about your possibilities and the expected costs. We also offer the possibility to call in external experts at competitive rates.

Introductory conversation

Would you like to meet one of our lawyers in person and discuss what we can do for you? Please contact us to make a free half hour meeting.

Hourly rate

We always discuss our rates with you in advance. In case of special circumstances, we will adjust the rate in consultation. In the case of mediation, the costs are usually borne jointly by both parties. If in mediation one of the parties qualifies for pro bono services, the other party will be charged half of the hourly rate.

Legal expenses insurance

We can also often assist you on the basis of a legal expenses insurance. For the conditions, see your policy or ask your insurance intermediary whether the matter is covered.

Funded legal aid (pro bono services)

You may be eligible for government-funded legal aid, so-called pro bono. Our office only accepts exceptionally such cases.