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Divorce mediation

The history of mediation in the Netherlands dates back to the 1970s. Despite its relatively short track record, divorce mediation as a method of dispute resolution has become an integral part of Dutch divorce law. The advantages of mediation over judicial proceedings explain its success. Mediation is the self-resolution of disputes with the help and guidance of an independent third party. The purpose of this form of dispute resolution is that the parties themselves regulate the consequences of their divorce, assuming that they can best determine how their lives and those of the children should be shaped after divorce. In this process, consideration is also given to possible changes in circumstances, so that proceedings can be prevented in the future.

Interests of all parties

The mediator represents the interests of all parties involved in the process, including the children of the divorcing parties. The mediator works towards a covenant and a parenting plan.

Own responsibility

Especially in the relational atmosphere, mediation has proven itself worthy. Experience shows that the result is easier to accept for divorcing parties, because parties bear their own responsibility for the final solution.